What is sexual violence?




Sexual violence is any unwanted physical or sexual behaviour, comments, or harassment (including threats)

perpetrated by another person regardless of their relationship to you -

eg. friend, stranger, lover, partner, tutor, lecturer, employer, colleague, family member, flatmate.


Any adult can commit sexual violence against anyone else. It is still violence if you are married or in a committed relationship.

You never owe anybody sex. There is nothing anybody could ever do for you which meant you have to consent to sex.

You're allowed to change your mind about who you have sex with or what you want to do. You can change your mind during sex too, and your partner should always listen to you and stop.

It's not okay for others to pressure you into sex. It's not okay for others to guilt trip you into having sex with them or doing certain things during sex.

You deserve to not be assaulted. You deserve to be safe whether you are awake or asleep, wasted or sober, at home or out.

It's not okay for people to make you feel like you aren't in charge of your own body.

It's not okay for people to make you feel like being assaulted was your fault.

Are you concerned that you might have been sexually harmed, or that you might have harmed someone else? Check out these support services.